Madd Motorsports’ “The Project”

Build Sheet (Autocross/Road Racing)

  • Engine
    • Cooling:
      • Setrab USA FP920M22I Fanpack (for oil)
        • ProLine 9-Series, 20-row cooler
        • Two low-profile 342cfm sealed-motor Spal fans
        • Sandwich adapter 
      • Setrab USA FP113M22I Fanpack (for power steering)
        • ProLine 1-Series 13-row cooler
        • One low-profile 142cfm sealed-motor Spal fan
        • 180*F thermal switch
        • Steel braided hoses and AN fitting conversion for the lower pressure
      • SVE aluminum radiator
        • Mark 8 fan/shroud
    • Exhaust:
    • Intake:
      • BBK 70mm throttle body
      • BBK 76MM mass air flow sensor
      • BBK cold air intake
    • Fuel:
      • Aeromotive adjustable fuel pressure regulator
    • Battery relocation kit (to the trunk)
  • Drivetrain
    • Ford Racing aluminum driveshaft
    • Steeda Tri-Ax shifter
    • McLeod Super Street Pro clutch
    • Steeda adjustable clutch cable kit
  • Suspension/Chassis
    • Front:
      • Maximum Motorsports front coil-over kit
      • Maximum Motorsports/Bilstein Sport Valved struts
      • 2000 Mustang spindle swap w/ARP extended wheel studs
      • Maximum Motorsports front non-offset control arms with delrin bushings
      • Low profile control arm bolts
      • Maximum Motorsports front sway bar relocation brackets
      • Maximum Motorsports 1996+ Tubular K-Member
      • Maximum Motorsports Bolt through dumpster kit
      • Energy poly urethane sway bar mount bushing
      • Maximum Motorsports Solid Steering Rack Bushings
      • Steeda X2 ball joints
      • Maximum Motorsports Solid Steering Rack
    • Rear:
      • Maximum Motorsports rear coil-over kit
      • Maximum Motorsports/Bilstein Sport Valved shocks
      • Maximum Motorsports panhard bar/torque Arm
      • Maximum Motorsports spherical upper shock mounts
    • Chassis:
      • Maximum Motorsports solid motor mounts
      • Energy poly urethane transmission mount
      • Stifflers tubular transmission cross-member
      • Maximum Motorsports 6-point roll bar w/ road race diagonal brace
      • Maximum Motorsports full length subframe connectors
  • Brakes/Wheels/Tires
  • Exterior
  • Interior

If you read my Introduction blog, there were references to “The Project.” The Project is a 1994 Ford Mustang GT. The car was the first year of the SN95 chassis, and one of the last Mustangs with the “5.0”. The motor was officially retired at the end of 1995. I purchased the car in 2014 from the original owners who had it sitting under the tree for the last 10 years. The car was completely original, even had the factory cassette radio. The car came factory with a 5-speed T5, cruise control, ABS, power windows, door, and cloth seats. Factory paint code UA (black), with black interior. Bought the car to use as a daily driver, with the intention of making it a mild street car.

Lake Matthews, CALake Matthews, CAInteriorInteriorInteriorInteriorInteriorDash

So I did what any sane person would do. I went out and got my windows tinted. Remember Chris? He’s pretty talented.

Getting my windows tintedGetting my windows tintedGetting my windows tinted

After the window tint, I noticed that the headlights were too dim, so I got some 55w/85w Xenon Bulbs. And I wanted something different for the interior, so I got the white face overlay for the gauges.

Brigher lightsWhite Faced Reverse Glow Overlays

Enjoyed that for about 2 weeks, then I got my exhaust, because every Mustang needs an exhaust. Got the Magnaflow Magnapack catback system, which was a full Stainless steel 2.5″ tubing. Reason I didn’t go for Flowmaster was because everyone and their mom’s minivan had them. I wanted something different, something louder. Straight through exhaust are usually louder than chambered, and only two companies made kits for my car, SLP and Magnaflow. SLP are noisy, and no note, so Magnapack was the better choice in my opinion.

Mike's Mufflers, El Monte, CAMike's Mufflers, El Monte, CAMike's Mufflers, El Monte, CA

Pretty cool what little can be make a big improvement.


I started changing things as they go bad because well, its an old car. Had to replace the AC compressor, water pump, power window motor bushings, harmonic balancer, motor mounts, headlight switch, and struts/shocks.

removing door panels to fix power window motorAC pulley came apartChanging out the water pump, thermostat, thermostat housing gasket, and radiatorInstalling Koni STR.T (Orange) Shocks and Struts. and KYB Gas-a-just Quad shocks

My girlfriend and I were celebrating an anniversary, so she got an Off-Road H-Pipe as a present, sweet huh? OMG! It woke up the exhaust! Reason I got the H-Pipe over the X-Pipe was for one simple reason, exhaust note. Yes, the X-Pipe makes more power, but what am I going to use more, exhaust note, or power? EXHAUST NOTE! You will not feel the 3HP difference between the mid-pipes, so go for the one that what you will use more, and that is exhaust note. Just FYI, chambered mufflers are less raspier than straight through, H-Pipe are less raspier than X-Pipe, and cats will lessen the raspy note. I already have straight through exhaust, and I prefer the deep rumble over the raspiness, so H-Pipe was a no-brainer. Just see for yourself.

Garey Muffler's & Auto repair, Pomona, CAGarey Muffler's & Auto repair, Pomona, CA

Began modifying things here and there. Added a cold air intake and a 70MM throttle body. Since my MAF was going out, I got a 76MM MAF. And threw in a Billet Mach 1 shift knob to freshen things up.

Installing BBK 70mm Throttle BodyInstalling BBK 70mm Throttle BodyUntitled

Wanted to change out my clutch, install some headers, a new shifter, and a clutch cable kit. Took it to a monkey, and he botched the install up to the point that the clutch fried within 500 miles. It was stupid. Took it to GTR High Performance and bought a McLeod Super Street Pro clutch, and haven’t had a problem since.

BBK Ceramic coated unequal shorty headersSteeda X2 Ball jointsSteeda Tri-Ax short shifterSteeda Adjustable Clutch cable kitSteeda Adjustable Clutch cable kit

But the headers do sound nice.

Also, had to buy a “flip-down” license plate holder because Pomona Parking Enforcement had a thing for me and issued me about 5 “No-Front Plate” tickets within a span of 2 months. BTW, it is a PIECE OF SHIT, don’t waste the $50 they sell it for.


Added a few more things to the car, Maximum Motorsports XL subframe connectors and a Special Carbon Fiber S281 fiberglass spoiler. BTW, SCF, sucks. It was super cheap, but you get what you paid for. The fitment was not great, feel free to check it out here.

Mike's Mufflers, El Monte, CAMaximum Motorsports XL Subframe ConnectorsMaximum Motorsports XL Subframe ConnectorsSan Dimas, CA

Remember in my “Old project” blog that canyon carving was my new obsession, and racing was the newest obsession? Well, I did quite a few canyon runs, and it was great! Not as good as the ’72 though. My friend Dmitry invited me to go autocrossing with him. I took the SN95, and had a blast!

Speed VenturesSpeed VenturesSpeed Ventures

As I began to be more active on the forum and social media, I got fascinated with the idea of fabrication and complete customization. I started researching and liked the idea of making a splitter. I also wanted wide wheels and a stance. Decided to get Maximum Motorsports front and rear coil overs, as well as their panhard bar/torque arm setup. After talking to some friends, I decided I wanted to get “real wheels”, and CCW was my choice. After thinking long and hard, I decided to get the Hybrid SP16 “S” in 19×9.5 and 19×11. I go the “S” cut because it will clear aftermarket calipers. Also, I love the Cobra bumper and foglight combo. I also wanted/needed brighter lights, so I got all LED lights for my exterior, and I got HID’s for the fog lights and headlights. The stock housing was not going to provide the proper light distribution for the HID’s, so I got the Depo projector headlights. Oh and I wanted a Cobra R style hood, but ended up getting a Turfiber 3″ cowl hood because I got one brand new for a cheap price. Getting the hood painted was going to be expensive and useless, since my car had fainted paint, and leaving it white was not an option. So I ordered a Satin Black 3M vinyl wrap, and my girlfriend helped me wrap it. Satin Black was the choice because it was the closest to color to my car’s faded paint. Got that installed, and painted the cowl panel since I had the hood off. Also installed some hood shocks. I loved the look and the car was coming along great! Also, took a trip down to San Diego, CA to meet with SN95Forum member, Ferocious, to buy the FTR tubular bash bar from him. A lot of websites were Black Friday sales everywhere so I bought everything for 10% off on average. And CCW was having a Black Friday sale and was giving free shipping, so I pulled the plug on the wheels. About a month later got the suspension installed! Shop underbid the job and got the whole thing in for a steal! But as always, things have to happen. The shop left the upper control arms installed, they left a bolt loose from the panhard bar, and the whole exhaust system did not fit. After the suspension shop, it went straight to the exhaust shop. They modified both the stock and aftermarket mid pipe to fit the torque arm. They were able to fit some of the catback, but not the tailpipes because it interfered with the panhard bar. So, I was rolling around with no tailpipes for a while. I had a post about the LED and HIDs, there is some info you might like if you’re wondering of doing the same. Please click here.

UntitledUntitledUntitledMaximum Motorsports suspensionSuper Bright LEDs20151224_141040Front CoiloverRear CoiloverRear SuspensionPanhard Bar20151122_170017Bridgestone Potenza RE-11j91xs9iz4zuu

Came time to make a splitter. Originally, I JUST wanted a splitter with no air dam. Had to think of a way to get the shape of the bumper. Since I had the bash bar and the bar is the shape of the bumper, I decided to trace that and use it as my shape. And ordered some FTR rods.


The only problem was the splitter was flexing when the car was in motion. As seen below:

Solution? Air dam. I did not like the look of the Mach 1 chin spoiler, so I decided to make my own. I had extra material, so I decided to “hide” it.

Making the chin spoilerFirst time making a splitter/air damFirst time making a splitter/air dam

I think it came out pretty good for a first time. I also lowered the car about 2″ all around.


It was 3 days after Christmas and my wheels came in. Kinda late present to myself.


I couldn’t wait to see what they look like!


Since I had a day off, and the tires were sitting, I took them to the shop to get them installed. Yup, 275s up front and 305s in the rear. Perfect.


Before I mounted the wheels, I needed to freshen up the hats of the rotors. They were rusted and it was really messing with the new wheels. And I painted the calipers too, because why not.




Went out for a drive and………..Couldn’t get out of my driveway. The tires were so wide that when the rear suspension compressed, the tire would literally take up the whole inner fender and get stuck. My solution? GET THE HAMMER!

20160101_140848Trying to make clearance

YES!! Time to look back and just admire what you created.


Look at that fitment!


Now, it was time to get an alignment! My friend Danny hooked it up. Splitter barely cleared!

Getting an alignment

Now, it was time to take pictures.


Bought some locking lug nuts off Amazon so someone doesn’t get a bright idea to steal the wheels.


Canyon Carving time! The tires, the suspension, holy moly…..


Rolling around with dumped Magnapacks and no cats got too….loud. Found a shop that was willing to modify the tail pipes to clear the panhard bar.


Also, took advantage of the lift and snapped a photo of the splitter.


I heard the 6th Street Bridge in Los Angeles, CA was closing. Decided to make a trip out there and had Danny drive the car up and down and stop on the bridge to snap some photos. Also got photos under the bridge, on 4th Street, and in fronton a mural.


AND the splitter broke….


Decided to get the NRG short hub/quick release combo. I was able to mount my Nardi Torino steering wheel. I did a full installation post here.

20160204_194744 20160204_19493120160204_20205420160204_20210620160207_144249

Next thing was taking off the white face overlay, and wrapping the bezel in carbon fiber vinyl and putting some LED lights in there. Also put LED’s for the AC controls. My girlfriend helped with the wrapping because she is good at it. There is a full installation post here.


Putting the bash bar was pretty straight forward.


It was time to make a splitter, but larger. And because the OEM bash bar has the mounting spots for the fog lights, i had to improvise. Found a way to attach them to the bumper.




I got tired of the S281 spoiler, and sold it. Decided I wanted to make my own, but had no way of going about doing this. I had some extra material laying around and came up with this.

20160319_16383720160319_16384520160319_17484120160320_170604UntitledUntitledUntitledUntitledMontclair, CA

Well, that did not last long.


I was stressing out because I had a show to go to in less than a month. So I put on my thinking cap and came up with this and made the splitter and air dam combo,and added some new brackets for the fog lights because the bumper isn’t a good place. Also, made a new spoiler. Later, the air dam and spoiler became features that made The Project distinguishable.

Making a new splitterMaking a new splitterMaking a new splitterMaking a new splitterMaking a new splitterMaking a new splitterIMG_4738IMG_4739

Also for the show, I bought a center console and radio bezel from a 2004. Had it painted black, and bought myself a touch screen. Here are the before and after pictures.


Shortly after the show, I came across Track Spec Motorsports. I was looking for some aero and the vents were perfect. Pulled the trigger on the GT500 vents, and got them in. Throw in some Aerocatch hood pins and helped it later became a distinguishing feature of The Project. The hood was later traded to our friend Josef from HANO Motorsports.


Another Autocross event with our SN95 friends. Car did FANTASTIC! Unfortunately, the splitter did not survive. It broke going up a driveway.


Some friends posted that they were going to try out the local SCCA event. I went as a photographer, and ended up competing. This is where I met Brett from BTM Autosports, and sparked the birth of Madd Motorsports.

SCCA 05/15/2016SCCA CAM-C 05/15/2016UntitledUntitledUntitledUntitled

This was taken at the charity event where I met Robert of Carbon Driven.

Judgement Day, GTR High Performance, Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Also, same event where I picked up my 6-point roll bar from GTR High Performance.

Maximum Motorsports Roll Cage

In June, I picked up my first sponsorship, Braum Racing. I am featuring their Elite Seats and 6-point FIA approved harness.

Braum Racing FIA 6-Point Harness (Black)Braum Racing FIA 6-Point Harness (Black)Braum Racing Elite Seats

Within a month, the roll bar, seats, and harnesses were installed.

Montclair Plaza, Montclair, CAMontclair Plaza, Montclair, CA

After SCCA, I began to take racing more seriously, and actively starting computing in SCCA SOLO.

SCCA El Toro, Irvine, CA

Started to add some stickers.


After overworking the ABS too much, it was time to upgrade the brakes. Wilwood 14″ kit in the front and Baer 13″ in the rear.






Much BETTER braking.


Tried to make another splitter for the Auto Enthusiast day hosted by Nitto, however, it failed. But i got a cool air dam out of it!


Also tried my luck with some road racing.

Oct-30-2016-Speed Ventures - Blue - Turn 4 Tight - AC2_8722_Oct3016_by_CaliPhotoOct-30-2016-Speed Ventures - Blue - Back Course Speed Pan - AC2_9194_Oct3016_by_CE-CaliPhoto

I was getting really good at racing. Wanted to see how I compared with the racers in my area. So I took it to Adams Motorsports Park, Riverside, CA, got to cocky, and went off course. Breaking my air dam and eating through my fender wires.

Bounced back, but not entirely. Had to move forward. Secured a sponsorship with Carbon Driven, and started featuring the carbon fiber cowl panel. Quality piece and excellent fitment. Made a huge difference to the front of the car.


Another event rocking the new piece, and got a photo with CHIP! (I knew the officer in the suite)


Another event hosted by Street Stangz where The Project won 1st place in its class!


Began getting my gauge setup, and met up with Carlos of Marshall Instruments.


SoCal got hit with heavy rains and since the car was my daily driver and the splash shield were removed, the air filter got soaked and gave me drivability problems. Had to buy a new filter to make it back home. Good thing my boss was understanding and my girlfriend was around to save me.


It was Christmas time, and my girlfriend with the help of Carbon Driven got me the silver carbon fiber overlay! Against the black, the combo was too perfect!


Also, got some RS3’s on sale, and a used aluminum driveshaft.


Not letting my crippling electronics stop me, I continued autocrossing, and even tried the Camarillo Autocross! At another SCCA event, Brett hopped in the car!


Also decided to try out a new series, the Hotchkis Cup. I got a new sticker too.


Made it to Fabulous Fords Forever 2017! This is where I got the attention of Michael Hamrick from Wilwood Engineering!


Even got some cool stickers in the mail.


And of course some more autocross with friends.


Decided to do a last shoot with Danny and his new Subaru before I start parting out the car and starting over.


Nick took the air dam and spoiler setup.


Hano Motorsports took the hood and vent setup.


And I am currently working on a few new setups to replace what was sold. As well as developing parts to be sold for others who are looking for the same look. So far, I have my air dam.


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