Carbon Driven S197 Carbon Fiber Trunk Blackout Panel

Carbon Driven 2005-2009 S197 Blackout Panel – Installation Instructions.

You can purchase the panel by clicking here. Please read through the instructions before starting the project. Make sure to take your time and have some patience. Total time it took to test fit and install, about 20 minutes.

  1. The back of the panel has ridges where you can put the double sided tape. Carbon Driven supplies the 3M tape, which is what I used for this installation.20170226_130823
  2. Once the tape is on, I recommend that you do a test fit without removing the film on the other side of the tape. Reason for that is because you want to make sure you get the positioning right, because once it sticks, IT STICKS. I found that the fitment is less than a millimeter difference of the trunk. Which means that it is a near 100% fit. But that also means that you need to be really careful. One way to get the fitment right is by using masking tape and mark off where each corner is going to sit at. Because the fitment is near 100%, I decided not to use masking tape.
  3. Make sure to clean the trunk of any dirt particles that can compromise the tape.20170226_131555
  4. Then I lined up the lower corner properly (meaning flush), and made sure that whole side lined up along the side of the trunk.20170305_133402
  5. Once it did, I mated the other side and verified that the whole panel fit nice. And it did, a near perfect install.20170305_13341520170305_13342220170305_13343120170305_133503
  6. Stand back, and enjoy the view.IMG_988520170304_133035IMG_9881Disclaimer: Madd Motorsports did not pay retail price. Madd Motorsports or Carbon Driven are not responsible for any injuries, any damage whatsoever, or for incorrect installation. This is a guide meant to help, it is in no way guaranteed.


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