Carbon Driven S197 Carbon Fiber Mirror Cover

Carbon Driven 2005-2009 S197 Mirror Cover – Installation Instructions. 

You can purchase the panel by clicking here. Please read through the instructions before starting the project. Make sure to take your time and have some patience. Total time it took to test fit and install, about 10 minutes.

The install on the mirror covers is pretty easy and straight forward.

  1. Make sure that the mirror is cleaned and free of any debris.
  2. Carbon Driven supplies thin 3M taping for good mounting
  3. Before removing the film on the tape, test fit so that you can see how you will put them on. The tape is really sticky, and you will have a hard time taking it out once it sticks.
  4. The OEM mirror covers have a “groove”, as seen below. The Carbon Driven mirror cover will use that groove, and make a flat surface.20170212_155623
  5. Once you test fit, you can remove the film and apply the mirror cover. Notice how it makes a “flat” and “smooth” surface?20170212_16023020170212_16024220170212_16024520170212_160309

Just make sure that it was applied good, and call it a day!

Disclaimer: Madd Motorsports did not pay retail price. Madd Motorsports or Carbon Driven are not responsible for any injuries, any damage whatsoever, or for incorrect installation. This is a guide meant to help, it is in no way guaranteed.

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