Carter’s Custom

Just like many of us, cars have been a large part of Adam Carter’s life. At a young age, he was fascinated watching his Father work on cars. As he got older, his father began teaching him a lot of what he knows. Eventually, pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering, with an emphasis in Motorsports from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

Carter’s Customs started in 2015 after a friend of Adam Carter asked for a custom-made piece for his car. The word of his work got spread around after people started seeing what he can do. In 2016, Carter’s Custom opened up their website and became official and are shipping parts across the country and in Canada!

It is definitely a challenge to make something both functional and attractive, however, Carter’s Custom balances that very well with their various products. Whether it be for show or for race, Carter’s Custom has it for your 1979-2017 Ford Mustang. Make sure you check out the inventory! And the CAD designs (my favorite).

Madd Motorsports is featuring the following products:

SN95 Front Splitter – Race Version

Madd Motorsports’ Design Nascar-style air dam by Carter’s Custom

SN95 Rear Diffuser – Race Version

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