Black Widow Exhaust started after 25 years of testing and development. Bill Speed, Black Widow Tuned Performance Exhaust’s creator, grew up in Southern California. At the age of 12 he built his first v8 stock car in his dads race shop, triggering his future career as an automotive builder, engineer and race car driver. While racing stock cars on the weekends and working in and managing muffler shops, he studied the different muffler designs and developed a sensitive ear for the different sounds they made. Never completely satisfied with their sound and the drone they produced, and encouraged by the cheers of fans in the stands while he raced, he began building mufflers that mimicked the sound he loved and put them on his own cars to test.

After many unsuccessful prototypes, the Pro Venom and Venom series mufflers were born, creating that ideal sound that Bill put his heart and soul in to.

Today you can find Bill, along with his team, promoting Black Widow mufflers at various autocross and drifting events in Southern California with the super fast Black Widow S10 race truck.

Madd Motorsports is featuring the Widow Maker 10’s. Check out their website! http://www.blackwidowexhaust.com


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