Guide to the Top Brake Fluid by Boiling Points

When choosing a brake fluid, you have to consider its boiling points. There are two, wet and dry. What is the difference? Dry is brand new, fresh, not contaminated fluid. Wet boiling point will be with 3.7% water by volume. Keep in mind that as soon as brake fluid touches oxygen, it will begun to absorb moisture. Sure, fluid with a high dry boiling is nice, but wet boiling point is just as important. If you boil your fluid, you will not stop. Here are the top 10 fluids in both boiling points:

  • Dry Boiling Point:
    • AP Racing Radi-CAL R4 644*F
    • Pagid RBF 626 626*F
    • Wilwood EXP600 PLUS 626*F
    • Motul RBF 660 617*F
    • Carbon Lorraine Racing 617*F
    • PFC RH665 617*F
    • AP Racing Radi-CAL R3 608*F
    • Castrol REACT SRF Racing 608*F
    • Motul RBF 600 593*F
    • AP Racing Radi-CAL R2 593*F
  • Wet Boiling point:
    • Castrol REACT SRF Racing 518*F
    • Motul RBF 600 420*F
    • Wilwood EXP600 PLUS 417*F
    • AP Racing Radi-CAL R4 399*F
    • Motul RBF 660 399*F
    • AP Racing Radi-CAL R3 399*F
    • AP Racing Radi-CAL R2 399*F
    • ATE Type 200 395*F
    • Pagid RBF 626 392*F
    • Carbon Lorraine Racing 383*F


Disclaimer: Madd Motorsports does not guarantee performance improvements or other benefits. All information is deem accurate to the best of Madd Motorsports’ ability, however, it is not guaranteed. Madd Motorsports or any company mentioned above are not responsible for any injuries, any damage whatsoever, or for incorrect installation. This is a guide meant to help, it is in no way guaranteed.

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